Product Description

Production Rate

  • High production rate of 1200 Containers / Hour for Wide Mouth jars.

Mould Clamping

  • Hydraulic Toggle mould clamp system enhanced with Mould compensation system.
  • Tie bar less Mould plates for faster movement and easy access to mould.
  • Linear motion guides for faster and precise mould movement.


  • Close Loop Heating System and Auto Chamber Temperature Control (to compensate variation in preform heating due to ambient temperature).
  • Air Ventilation system with controllable venting in heating chamber (for better heat penetration control).
  • Start stop indexing type oven to minimize variation in temperature of both preforms coming out of chamber at a time.

Neck Protection

  • Unique neck protection during heating and blowing.

Product Range

  • Neck size 38-120 mm with Two cavity up to 5 Litres

Technical Specifications:

ModelSP Flex 01-2 W (Jar)SP Flex 01-2 (Bottle)
Production Rate (Bottle-Jar/Hour)800-850900-1000
Max. Bottle / Jar Volume (ml)25002000
Max. Neck Size (mm)11063
Min. Neck Size (mm)3825
No of Cavities11
Max. Container Dia. (mm)135110
Max Container Height (mm)350350
Max. Blowing Pressure (Kg/cm2)3535
Heating Load (kW)2821
Total Load (kW)2623
Air Requirement
Blowing (CFM)40 (2000 ml @ 25 Bar)30 (1000 ml@32 Bar)
Operation Air6 CFM6 CFM
Heating Load2821
Other Load55
Total Load33 KW26 KW