Product Description

Designed to drain sludge and rust laden condensate in compressor room equipment and pipeline. Dryers are sized according to the flow, pressure, temperature and dew point required of the compressed air. If these conditions are changed, the resulting efficiency of the dryer can be drastically affected. The temperature of the compressed air leaving a compressor varies from 82 °C to 177 °C, depending on the type of compressor, it is essential that an After Cooler be installed upstream of most dryers because it will lower the temperature to required level and will remove 50 to 75% of water vapour contained in the air. After coolers are available in either air or water cooled units.

Product USP:

  • Option of TEMA C/Std. Engineering Practice design
  • Comparatively low Power Consumption
  • Less impact of ambient in the outlet temperature
  • Vertical and horizontal models available

Technical Specifications:

ModelCapacityWorking PressureLengthShell DiaComp. AirCooling WaterWater Flow Rate
WAV00550831611402″NB3/4″ BSP1/2″ BSP8
WAV0101001701611653″NB1″ BSP1/2″ BSP14
WAV0202003351613654″NB1 1/2″ BSP3/4″ BSP25
WAV0252504201615904″NB2″ NB Flg1″ BSP32
WAV0404006701616306″NB3″ NB Flg1 1/2″ BSP50
WAV0505008351618806″NB3″ NB Flg1 1/2″ BSP64
WAV07575012501616958″NB3″ NB Flg2″ BSP100
WAV100100016701619958″NB4″ NB Flg2″ BSP140
WAV125125021001621458″NB4″ NB Flg2″ BSP170
WAV150150025001622458″NB5″ NB Flg2″ BSP200

Air inlet temprature is 150ºC, Air outlet temprature is 40ºC

ModelCapacityWorking PressureLengthShell DiaComp. AirCooling WaterWater Flow Rate
WAH00550831613752″NB2″ NB Flg1/2″ BSP8
WAH0101001701616002″NB2″ NB Flg1/2″ BSP15
WAH0151502501614003″NB3″ NB Flg3/4″ BSP22
WAH0202003351614003″NB3″ NB Flg3/4″ BSP30
WAH0252504201616003″NB3″ NB Flg3/4″ BSP38
WAH0303005001617503″NB3″ NB Flg3/4″ BSP45
WAH0404006701619504″NB4″ NB Flg1″ BSP60
WAH0505008351616004″NB4″ NB Flg1″ BSP75
WAH07575012501617506″NB6″ NB Flg1 1/2″ BSP115
WAH100100016701615506″NB6″ NB Flg1 1/2″ BSP160
WAH125125021001618006″NB6″ NB Flg1 1/2″ BSP200
WAH150150025001615508″NB5″ NB Flg2″ BSP240