Product Description

Dryer equipped with a pre-filter to protect desiccant from free water contamination, dust and scales.


  • Non-corrosive Aluminium body
  • Amply sized to save heat of adsorption.
  • Large desiccant candle, ensures sufficient contact time to produce -40°C dew point (-60°C with Molecular sieves).
  • Each tower is provided with pressure gauge.

Each dryer is equipped with a Pre-filter to protect desiccant from free water contamination, dust, scales, etc., and an after-filter to avoid desiccant dust carry over.

Pressure Gauges:
Pressure gauges on each tower for easier illustration of working of dryer.

Highly reliable solenoid valves, to international standards, which act as main flow and exhaust valves. Precision orifice for highly accurate purge flow.

Why Super Pack instead of other Dryers?

  • Occupies no floor space as it is wall mounted.
  • Easy to operate.
  • No moving parts and hence high reliability.
  • Least maintenance required.
  • Electronic timer enables accurate cycle timing.

General Features:

  • Well-designed mounting brackets.
  • Purge exhaust muffler for noise control.
  • Highly accurate electronic timer.
  • Dried air as per requirements of ISO 8573-1 class 3-3-4.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of ISO 7183.
  • Quick exhaust facilitates sudden de-pressurization & thereby better regeneration.
  • Re-pressurization cycle to avoid desiccant dusting.
  • Designed for efficient working with least pressure drop.
  • Powder coated for aesthetic look and additional protection.

Product USP

  • Compact in size
  • Ease of operation
  • Light weight
  • Non-corrosive Aluminium body
  • Aesthetic look
  • Silent – low purge noise

Technical Specifications:

Ideal Maximum
Working Pressure 4 bar to 10 bar 12 bar
Inlet Temperature 40°C 50°C
Atmospheric Dew Point -40°C -60°C
Cycle Time 4 minutes 4 minutes
Electrical 220V / 50 Hz / Single Phase 220V / 50 Hz / Single Phase