Product Description
Designed to provide 99% effective moisture separation.
The moist air after entering the Vortex Separator hits the shell and then passes through the vortex generator, which generates the vortex motion of compressed air. The vortex generator is a fixed one and has several vanes. These vanes separate the moisture droplets by impingement separation method. Due to the density, the moisture droplets settle down into the dead zone below the arrestor. The moisture free air is let out through the inner shell of the separator. The arrestor will not allow the compressed air to carry the removed moisture. An automatic drain valve (float type) is fitted to the dead zone, which drains the moisture condensate. A sight glass is provided for visually checking the level of moisture collected in the dead zone.

GEM Vortex Separator is designed for 99% effective moisture separation with the least possible pressure drop.

Product USP:

  • Compact Size
  • Light Weight
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Float type Auto Drain Valve
  • Easy to Operate
  • Most effective separation of water and oil
  • Non-corrosive Aluminium body construction
  • Sight glass for visually checking moisture collection

Technical Specifications:

ModelPipe SizeFlow RatesDimensionWeight
VWS-010G 1/2″10017094422041301.753.85
VWS-012G 3/4″12521294372061301.753.85
VWS-015G 1″15025594372121301.753.85
VWS-025G 1 1/2″350580120443722204.59.9
VWS-040G 2″6001000173634683407.516.5
VWS-090G 2 1/2″10001700173604713409.520.9
Line Pressure>bar g1357911131516
psi g154473100131160189218232
Correction factor0.50.710.871.