Product Description

The GEM COOLING TOWERS is a pioneering product in Design & manufacture of FRP Cooling towers. We are continuously striving to offer better Cooling solutions to customers, which are both, innovative and state of the art.

ECT is the Evaporative Coil Cooling tower which is an induced draft counter flow design Closed Circuit Cooler.


Principle of Operation:

Heat from the Process Fluid is circulated through the coil of the closed-circuit cooler gets dissipated through the coil tubes to the water cascading downward over the tubes. Simultaneously, air is drawn from air inlet louvers from the base of the cooler and travels upward over the coil. A small portion of the water gets evaporated and the warm moist air is discharged to the atmosphere which removes the heat from the process fluid.


Sl. No.Model VarianceMotorDia of FanIn / Out SizeOverall DimensionShipping WeightOperating Weight
SCT-400TR15 / 3602400 (FRP)10″ / 10″4000 x 4000 x 396521504300
SCT-500TR20 / 3603000 (FRP)10″ / 10″4500 x 4500 x 396524004700
SCT-600TR20 / 2703600 (FRP)10″ / 10″5200 x 5200 x 446527005200
SCT-800TR25 / 2704270 (FRP)12″ / 12″6000 x 6000 x 446532005600
SCT-1000TR25 / 2004800 (FRP)14″ / 14″6700 x 6700 x 502038005900