Product Description

  • Power on light.
  • On – Off switch
  • Tower pressure gauges
  • Highly accurate motorized cam timer.
  • Differential pressure gauge for filters*
  • PLC*
  • Cycle failure indication*
  • Sized to save heat of adsorption – minimizes purge air usage.
  • Limited velocities through tower prevent bed fluidization – stops desiccant dusting.
  • Large desiccant bed – ensures sufficient contact time to produce -40° C Dew point (-80°C Dew point with Molecular sieves)
  • Uses bulk desiccant – no special cartridges required.
  • Can be offered for higher pressure and lower dew points also.

Technical Specifications:

MODELAir FlowElectrical ConnectionInlet / OutletDimensions (mm)DessicantWeight
SCFMNm3 / hrVPhHzBSPLWHQty/towerKg
HLD-0303005102301502″ NB140010002400110350
HLD-0404006802301503″ NB140012002480140400
HLD-0505008502301503″ NB160013002230180500
HLD-06060010202301503″ NB160013002450215650
HLD-07575012752301504″ NB200013002200260800
HLD-100100017002301504″ NB200013002500360950
HLD-125125021252301506″ NB2000130027504501150
HLD-150150025502301506″ NB2200140022005201400
HLD-200200034002301506″ NB2200140028607201750


Working pressure7 bar to 12.5 bar70 bar
Inlet temperature45°C60°C
Atmospheric Dew point-40°C-80°C
Pressure Drop0.2 bar
Code of ConstructionIS2825/ ASME Sec VIII Div 1 *
All flangesAs per ANSI B 16.5 *
Electric230 V AC, 50 Hz
* For higher capacity, higher pressure contact factory