Product Description:

Designed to have better turbulence and maximized heat transfer rate. Our 7X Heat Exchanger is the combination of Pre-cooler, Evaporator and built in Stainless Steel demister moisture separator.

Pre-cooler (air to air heat exchanger) and evaporator (air to refrigerant heat exchanger) are cross flow type with more cross-sectional area for flow to make it non-clogging. Heat Exchanger is designed to have better turbulence & maximised heat transfer rate. Lesser difference in temperature between Inlet Air & Outlet Air ensures better effectiveness. Piping is eliminated and the air passage is non-ferrous. The heat exchanger assembly is encapsulated in PUF Insulation (Eco Friendly) to prevent the loss of cooling effect.

Dependable Automatic Condensate Drain with the following features:
Adjustable electronic timer controlled, Pilot operated / direct, compressed air powered, auto drain valve. Positive discharge of even heavily contaminated condensate.

Non-Cyclic Refrigeration System

Hot GAS BY-PASS value automatically maintains dew point temperature across a wide range and ambient conditions without the need any adjustments. High pressure, high temperature refrigerant vapour is introduced after the expansion valve to ensure temperature control.

Direct expansion, non-cycling allows rapid response to changes in operating conditions.

Product USP:

  • Compact Design
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Consistent Dew Point
  • Power Saving
  • Non-cyclic System
  • More Reliability
  • Ease of Installation
  • Environment Friendly
  • Reduced Maintenance

Technical Specifications:

Base MODELModel VarianceNominal Capacity @Maximum Pressure #Electrical ConnectionAir ConnectionRated Power *kW
BE, Fcfmm³/hbar gpsi g220V/
In / OutAir CooledWater Cooled
2KD+ 002tick203416232tick½”BSP(F)0.15
2KD+ 004tick406816232tick½”BSP(F)0.20
2KD+ 006tick6010216232tick1″BSP(F)0.40
2KD+ 008tick8013616232tick1″BSP(F)0.50
2KD+ 010tick10017016232tick1″BSP(F)0.60
2KD+ 015tick15025516232tick1½”BSP(F)0.90
2KD+ 020tick20034016232tick1½”BSP(F)1.20
2KD+ 025tick25042516232tick2″BSP(F)1.40
2KD+ 030tick30051016232tick2″BSP(F)1.60
2KD+ 040tick40068016232tick2″BSP(F)1.90
2KD+ 050tick50085016232tick2″BSP(F)2.30
2KD+ 060tick600102016232tick2½”BSP(F)2.80
2KD+ 075tick750127516232tick3″NB ASME Flg3.803.00
2KD+ 100tick1000170016232tick3″NB ASME Flg5.004.10
2KD+ 125tick1250212516232tick4″NB ASME Flg5.704.80
2KD+ 150tick1500255012.5180tick5″NB ASME Flg6.806.20
2KD+ 200tick2000340012.5180tick5″NB ASME Flg8.708.00
2KD+ 250tick2500410012.5180tick6″NB ASME Flg11.009.60

Flow capacities in accordance with ISO 7183, air suction of FAD 20°C (68°F), 1 bar (14.5 psi) at the operating conditions mentioned below # – Voltage range 200 to 240V for 1ø & 380 – 440V for 3ø. Any other voltage may affect durability of product.

* -Rated power is the max power consumed at conditions as per ISO 7183 Option2.

NOTE: Models upto 600 cfm are with Reciprocating type refrigeration compressors. Scroll type compressors/ Reciprocating type compressors for models from 750 cfm and above.