Product Description:

Removes impurities from the air with the lowest pressure drop

Product USP:

  • Air Quality as per ISO 8573-1
  • Warranty for elements
  • Coloured elements for specific grades
  • Low pressure drop
  • This comprehensive range of high efficiency coalescing filters will remove oil, dirt, odour and water from the compressed air supply, therefore offering complete protection to all equipment installed downstream.

Technical Specifications:

Filter ModelCapacityConnection BSPDimensionWeight
GFZ 005 (Grade)35603/8″1878821600.77
GFZ 007 (Grade)50801/2″1878821600.77
GFZ 010 (Grade)751203/4″2568821800.88
GFZ 018 (Grade)1252101″362125331002.20
GFZ 030 (Grade)2003351″362125331202.60
GFZ 047 (Grade)3105101 1/2″452125331402.90
GZF 070 (Grade)4507501 1/2″643125331603.70
GZF 094 (Grade)60010002″695163485207.40
GZF 150 (Grade)90015002″9351634877010
GZF 175 (Grade)120020403″11702487478020
GZF 240 (Grade)170027603″11702487478025


Particle Removal3 Micron0.1 Micron0.01 Micron0.01 Micron
Oil Removal0.1 mg/m³0.01 mg/m³0.005 mg/m³
Nominal Initial Pressure Drop0.03 bar g0.05 bar g0.06 bar g0.12 bar g
Maximum Operating Temperature80°C80°C80°C80°C
Maximum Operating Pressure16 bar g16 bar g16 bar g16 bar g
Recommended Pressure Differential for Element Change0.7 bar g0.7 bar g0.7 bar g0.7 bar g
MediaPoly PropyleneBoro SilicateBoro SilicateBoro Silicate with impregnated Active Carbon

Sizing Conversion Factors:

Line Pressurebar g12345678910111213141516
psi g142943577186100114129143157171186200214229
Correction factor0.