Product Description:
Designed to drain sludge and rust laden condensate in compressor room equipment and pipeline. Dryers are sized according to the flow, pressure, temperature and dew point required of the compressed air. If these conditions are changed, the resulting efficiency of the dryer can be drastically affected. The temperature of the compressed air leaving a compressor varies from 82 °C to 177 °C, depending on the type of compressor, it is essential that an After Cooler be installed upstream of most dryers because it will lower the temperature to required level and will remove 50 to 75% of water vapour contained in the air. After coolers are available in either air or water cooled units.

Product USP:

  • Work pressure – 16 bar
  • Heat exchanger is fully enclosed.
  • Compact Size.
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy for installation
  • Corrosion resistance painting
  • High Efficiency copper tubes.
  • Optional Vortex Separator for 99.99% moisture removal.
  • Continuous duty motor with Aluminium / highly reliable plastic fans.
  • Most suitable for portable applications.

Technical Specifications:

ModelCapacityWorking PressurePower Req.Electrical Conn.In/Out Conn.Dimension mmWeight
CFMm³/hrbarKw220V 1PH 50 HZ415V 3PH 50HzBSPABCKg.
ACC010100170160.241 1/2″62216090575
ACC015150255160.241 1/2″62216090575
ACC020200340160.242″ NB FLG9002301080140
ACC030300510160.242″ NB FLG9002301080150
ACC040400680160.552″ NB FLG9209201285200
ACC0606001020160.753″ NB FLG100010801055220
ACC0757501275161.53″ NB FLG175015241500250
ACC10010001700161.54″ NB FLG175015241500250

Air inlet temperature is 90ºC, Air outlet temperature is 45ºC